I Dreamed I Was An Angel


I dreamed I was an angel

And I watched you wrapped in sleep.

Your dreams were kind, I could tell.

You slept so safe and deep.

I caressed your chestnut hair

And, you breathed a gentle sigh.

Did you sense that I was there?

Would you hear me if I cry?

I walked the silent room,

Brushed a dragon on the floor,

Sensed the fairies in the gloom,

Saw warm light under the door.

I prayed your sweet gentleness

Would never face the pain

Of loneliness and darkness,

Of love's loss and love's disdain.

I cried to God to let me be

Your angel every night

And let you be so near to me

To keep you free from plight.

I prayed that you would keep

Your fairies and your wolves.

That dragons would always sleep

Among your books and shelves.

As I watched you deeply dream,

There was no reason to fear.

The warm light I saw, would mean

Daddy angel was still near.


Amy Riberdy

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I can only say that a mother's love for her daughter is stronger than life itself.

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