The Poetess

She holds back the night.

With the power of her words,

She turns on the light

To save me from the lonely cords

That bind my heart tight,

As night comes creeping forwards.

She speaks of true love.

Imag'ry and reality

Surround this poetic dove,

Whose vibrant words help me to see

Wonders from above,

Beneath and below the sea.

She takes me back home.

Her blood is from proud lines,

Ancients, known by some

As teachers of tales and signs

Of things yet to come

When our universe aligns.

She purges my soul.

Laughter and joy fill my life.

When work takes its toll

And ev'ning stabs like a knife,

Her words make me whole

And leave no grim - darkened strife.

She is poetess.

Her great poems are a godsend.

Each one is no less

Enjoyment from start to end.

She is gentle and timeless,

As well as true friend.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Renee, this is for you, my friend.
Your talent & inner beauty deserve all that life can give you.

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