The Courage of Miss Rosetta Dove

This is the legend of Miss Rosetta Dove

Who dared to show the world the meaning of true love.

Is it true ? Don't know... But, with grace from above,

You'll hold to the courage of Rosetta Dove.

She toiled as a mistress in old Jack's saloon.

Each day, it was sweating to the same old tune.

The cowboys would come down and howl at the moon,

Shooting their six guns and discharging too soon.

One day, a kind stranger dropped by the old place.

He asked nothing of her , but, the smile on her face.

He watched the men boast, as she picked up the pace,

Poking and prodding at her stockings and lace.

He saw straight through her heart and deep in her eyes.

Her pain and her tears flowed right through her disguise.

She was their hostage and her sweet body, the prize.

No true love in her young life, only false lies.

He suddenly declared: "Miss Rosetta Dove,

I offer you life with my heart full of love.

Please, take this as true with the grace from above.

Come, be my sweet wife, darling Rosetta Dove."

Old Jack stood silent and fear hackled his hair.

One cowpoke denied them the way out of there.

He called for a showdown,a gun and a dare.

"You'll die for your whore!" he boasted with flare.

He linked eyes with the stranger and readied his gun.

The stranger stood back and disclosed he had none.

"I'm not looking for trouble, just for the one

Who'll share with me this life, my land and a son."

With no thoughts of mercy, the bullets did fly.

The stranger died, as he collapsed, with a sigh.

But, Rose was quicker than a thunderous sky.

A gun, shone from lace, in the blink of an eye.

She cocked the cold pistol with eyes of deep mauve.

He laughed at her pain, lit a smoke on the stove.

She stood up to the evil that had taken her love.

The grim bullet did fly. And, no one did move.

They knew she had lost her sweet soul that cold day.

Jack opened the door and let her walk away.

Only God now could judge her, heal her and say

If one day true love would come again to stay.

This is the legend of Miss Rosetta Dove

Who dared to show the world the meaning of true love.

Is it true ? Still don't know ? But, grace from above

Will show you the courage of Rosetta Dove


Amy Riberdy

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just thought I would try my hand at an old west type of love story.

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