Love in 65


In the year of sixty - five

We were green and so alive.

Those were the days of love, tried and true.

When you came to me each night,

Everything was so right.

They were the sweetest times I ever knew.

Though the earth was cold and grey,

From a war not far away,

Those fears could never touch me and you.

As the radio played on

And we heard our sacred song,

Not one deed could turn passion to blue.

We laughed and dreamed till we cried,

As the flowers slowly died,

And man took up white and black, as one.

In the streets, the fires blazed

As the angry bullets razed.

I heard only your voice on the phone.

The gods ate Purple Haze.

LSD was all the craze.

The skies were filled with cries for freedom.

We were young and didn't care

For such folly and flare,

Like drugs, segregation and Vietnam.

And now, we're old and worn,

But, I'm still so free from harm

From the darkness that thrives all around.

Even though the flowers died

And the guns are still outside,

I'm with you, by your side, safe and sound.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Teen love with a little bit of history thrown in for flavour.

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