For five years

For five years

For Five years you was mine.

I love you and you even ask me to marry you.

I thought you were perfect til that night everything change.

I found out the truth.

You backstab me and it hurt,

and with all of people you did it with,

you had to do it with my best friend.

Go ahead, turn the knife deeper,

and make the pain even worse inside of me.

I loved you and you ended up hurting me.

I could never forgive you

for what you have done to me.

For five years you was

all I need and now I am going

to learn how I am going

to live without you.

You turn the knife with the lies

and the pain is getting worse.

I was a fool to think that you

was always going to love me forever.

I am broken but I know over time

I will get better, it is going to take time.

For five years you was my everything in my life

and now I am alone and broken.

How could you do this to me.

Forever is not here for me anymore.

-Gene Conner

June 11, 2009

Author's Notes/Comments: 

*I wrote this for a girl at work*

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