I wanted to be with you

I wanted to be with you

I wanted to hold you

as you told me what he did to you.

I wanted to tell you

that it will be okay.

I wanted to help you

get over him and show you

that all guys are not like that.

I wanted to tell you for

a long time but I overheard you

was dating someone already.

I wanted to hold you and

let you have someone to

cry on when you need someone.

I finally told you how I felt inside,

I felt like maybe

I should have not after all.

I starting to think

that was a mistake when you

around and walk away,

I felt like my heart falling

as it hits the floor and

smash into pieces.

I wanted to be the

one that you would fall for but now

I am thinking that is not going to happen.

I wanted to look into your pretty blue eyes

as I ran my fingers through your beautiful blonde hair.

I wanted to be you but more important

I just want you to be happy even if it is not with me.

I wanted to hold you but for now,

it will an empty space instead.

I wanted to be there for you by anyway I could be.

I want to tell that you are very pretty.

I wanted to tell you how I feel but, I do not know how to now.

I want to open your heart to love once again

if I could just take the pain so you will not hurt again.

I still wanted to hold you to help take the pain away.

I thinking I am falling for you but I just

stand in the background for now.

I want to say I love you but,

those three words might be unspoken forever.

I do not want to do but,

I might end up broken again.

I want to believe that one day we could be together when you get over him but,

I am doubting that now.

I guess I might have to walk away

from this and let it die like the last time.

This is end of the poem but

could it also the end of this feeling for you.

-Gene Conner

June 15, 2009

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I am falling for this girl at work but what is going to happen next

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