Our friendship

Our friendship

I thought nothing

about our friendship.

I thought I

would have you

as my friend

forever but all

that change when

I screw up.

I did not

mean telling you

that I have

a crush on you.

I thought about

you for awhile

but I did

not mean to

tell you.

I thought our

friendship was strong

but the crush

was the hole

in the boat

and it went

into the water.

Our friendship I

thought was going

to last but

instead you donot

trust me anymore.

I thought our

friendship was going

make it but

one mistake cause

it to end

and all I

want to say

that I am

sorry and maybe

someday we could

be friends again.

We could take

slow and rebuild

our friendship brick

by brick.

-Gene Conner December 26, 2005

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