our love

our love

This girl never

knew that she

had a loving

boyfriend til one

day she was

hurting really bad.

The kids were

making fun because

she was in pain.

Her boyfriend shows

her how much

he love her.

Her boyfriend held

her really close

to him and

made her feel

like it was

only two of them..

She loves him

since that day

she realize that

she got the

great thing in

her life.

She loves him

so much that

she cannot live

with him in

her life.

The love this

couple got is

never going away

as long they

can help it.

This couple has

love each other

before they started.

They was friends

when they met

and the love

started growing from there.

So This girl

and guy love

is our love.

My baby, Laura

and mine so

let stay like

this forever and

our love can

not be replaced

real easy.

Our love is

our love and

no way is

someone else getting

our love.

-Gene Conner

December 24, 2005

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