To Sweet Young lady

To Sweet Young lady.

You have been

loving me this

whole time,

I have been

searching for a

girl like you.

SO You was

in front of

the time.

You are like

an angel that

was sent to

me from

heaven so I

would never be

lonely again

To the beautiful

angel that has

change my life

I got something

to tell that

only one girl

know about.

That is that I

love you and

I cherish every

moment we are together.

To sweet young

lady that make

me feel special

with every kiss

we have.

Your heart is

so sweet that

it make me

crazy when I

am near you baby

. So baby I

hope you never

leave me and

I will love

you til I

cannot love anymore.

-Gene Conner

December 24, 2005

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