When I was

a kid I

dream about being

a football player

but, that was

broken when I

found I could

not play football

because my heart mummer.

So I dream

about being a

wrestler but then

I found the

back of my

head will prevent

that so that

was another dream

that broken in half.

When I was

a kid I

dream about a

lot of things

but a lot of

dream was broken

or did not

work out.

When I was

I dream about

being something good

but right now

my dream is

on the fence

because I could

have at least

one dream coming

true when I

was 16. I

dream that maybe

I could get

my poetry published

one day.

So I going

to keep this

dream and hope

it doesn’t  break

like the ones

in the past.

So I dream

til it comes

true or it breaks

like the rest

of them.

So I can

play football games

and make it

pretend it is me.

So I dream

til I cannot dream


-Gene Conner

December 24,2005

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