The way u always look beautiful

The way u always look beautiful

Eyes as blue as the ocean

beautiful smile too just

like ur eyes and the way

Ur hair looks all cute

all the time.

it match ur

beautiful face.

ur hair is the beach

with sunset behind it.

It is the way u can look

beautiful no matter what.

It is the way u are always

beautiful make me smile.

The way you are beautiful

when u not trying to be.

The way ur eyes look down

show me something in ur soul.

Eyes are beautiful like the stars in the

night sky on a clear night

with no moon.

Your face looks like an angel

when u look at the screen.

Ur eyes blue me away

the first time I saw them.

The way you are always

beautiful no matter

what the other

people say about you.

-Gene Conner

August 4, 2005

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