Pain of abuse

Pain of abuse

Lighting strike and

the thunder rolls.

The sirens get

louder and the

slaps get harder

and more painful

as the police

come closer.

A man with

too much to

drink is taking

his anger out

on her.

No one can

help because she

cannot scream for help.

The Cops try

to stop him

before it is

too late.

They try to

push him but

he hits one

of the officer.

This is from

of abuse.

I wish that

the pain of

abuse would stop

even for one day.

The pain of

abuse is what

starts the process.

Too many women

dead because people

abuse them.

Let stop the

pain of abuse

and slowly make

this world a

better place.

-Gene Conner

December 4th, 2005

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