Quietly I sat

here and waiting

my turn to

be with you.

Quietly I want

to be with

you but u

was with someone else.

So quietly I

sat right there

in front of you

and waiting til I

could have you

in my arms

to hold and love.

Quietly I play

like I did

not love you

but really I did.

Quietly I was

want to be

with you and

I did not want to say

anything cause u

had that other

guy instead of me.

But now I

donot need to be

quiet about it

because the other

guy is gone

and now I

got you to

love and hold

the rest of

my life.

SO I will

not be quiet

about it anymore

and I want the

whole world to

know that I love you

and that the

truth from my heart to yours.

-Gene Conner December 6, 2005

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