Deleted Scenes

Deleted Scenes featuring Sherlita


if time had the capacity

of being reversed, I would

peel mistake from

life's pavement,

intensify a warmer love to

terminate the frost that branched

on the mountains.

would blow my undesirable traits

into tangling wind and

watch them fly away

with morning cloak.


memory bank slowly dissolves

in the pockets of my conscience

resolving the lints of

a nasty disposition

the real love within me was missing

I was formerly known as

a shadow

aimlessly dodging reality

that was before I learned

how to sketch the sky

before the night

taught me to dream


now all i do is dream

facing Ugetsu's River,

imagining a dance of light.

a light that I should have

exhibited to illuminate

the affinity

of significant other & I.

see, I

used to spark the


used to spread

the wounds and sing the

blues in the highest octaves,

til lover muted horn. I was

way too insecure and too selfish.

was more concerned about the

things that I desired, until I

pushed love away.

now this relationship is dead,

frozed in time, buried beneath

the painting of a seagull. It remains

a hanging image of the past.


As I rewind the tape through those images

a part of me died forever

right where I stood, then sank to

my knees, albeit quietly

dreading the many nights abandoning

cold sheets, stray heart and the

struggle with my own struggles

the ties we made together

were only nooses

tied tightly around

the determination for us

to live in harmony

now my arteries are nearly severed

and I wonder if blood will ever flow

freely to that journey

that we once had

before the sharp contaminated blades

of insecurity

would distort the original plot

of saving an imprisoned union,

saving a tainted love that lacked



If time had

the capacity of being reversed,

I would associate love with solidity,

give it moral character and prevent it from

having no color hue. If we had chance to

be lovers again, our moments together

would be meaningful, sustainable

and memories of love would be a

recurrence of smiles and sentimental moods.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

a 1st time collabo with another poet from another site.

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