Reality Stands Still

a young boy sits on a hardwood floor

contemplatively looking at the window

a slightly parted curtain acts as a conduit

for a ray of sun to shine through

floating dust specs catch his attention

for they appear magical to him

his young mind grasping at the meaning of all this

for today he puts it all together

today God gives him clarity

for Mommy and Daddys words have meaning

deeper than simple commands

he now knows he is human

As he examines his opened palms

wiggles his fingers in unison

finally feeling alive and connected

the world no longer a blur

no more rapid moving images

for today reality stands still

lets a little boy get aboard

peering into the sunlight

mysteries of the universe are opening wide

all in a moments time

A toddler becomes master of time and space

though for only a brief moment

That is eternal

I still remember that day

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just mental building.

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