Sweet 16z(Keystyle): Vol. 3

I'm here to bring opportunities to hip hop communities/

you'll have to see how commercial stunts are mocking you and me/

I'm droppin fluently, I scan the boards like a doctor's x-ray/

cursive text spray, shootin like tecs to burst your chest plate/

I love my hip hop, but a little influenced by dancehall/

meanwhile I'm trying to get my people to stand tall/

granted, I'm nicer than most, go ahead, roll your dice in this game/

fuck punches, I'll bunch my fist and jab you twice in the throat/

see, I told you I was a supreme being, no way ya team's seeing/

this mean beating will have you fleeing faster like kid's book speed reading/

how can you test me, I'm flowin faster than the back of jet skis/

I'll embarrass you, like losing in a game of horse like Lisa Leslie/

but back to the script, my verbs send a message like they were packed in a clip/

immaculate shit, I never read your shit, it's lackin the gift/

I'll have you goin through mixed emotions like emoticons/

poppin prozac wearin pampers over cotton thongs/

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I'm so bored today.

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