thomas edison

put in debbie

you may not have created electricity

but you control the sparks

you are a sketch on tan paper

a concept waiting to be completed

and i am a study

a converted basement

a rec room of agog

you are the inventor of desire

i am wood and nails

and you are the landscape

i am notion

a whimsical figure on the knickknack shelf

you are the ocean and the world of dreams

i am a world of condoms and you are glue

i am sandals with sox and white shorts

you are chocolate ice cream on a hot day

you are melting a drip that is rolling down my thigh

i am stained pants and breathing hard

i need a nap and you would be wonderful

to curl up to


you are in control

of that

you are quiet

quiet could mean so much

and you, the candle, continue to flicker

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