i will write you this poem

little bird

today after talking to you

as you drove from garden to garden

i will create something for the mail

something called a poem

that will arrive at the quilt shop

i just did 20 pushups

and lost the last line

that you didn't see

that wasn't written

it had nothing to do with hot dogs

on the grill which will be a delight

with spicy mustard

frankfurters the gourmet taboo

of summer sandwiches devoured

by children of multiple ages and

psychology theorist of different times

i will leave the juice of your thighs

for another sultry surrender . . .

on the radio two poets my senior

discuss a poem about making love

bly and hall bantering

telling a story

that seems to have nothing

to do with this story

but creates

the tug and taunt

like two lover's barbs

sweet nothings catching

the yellow perch called temptation

that swims through this

playing the part of

the ever endearing


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