i guess i don't know

dance in the intimate shadows

kiss me like thursday has

a heartbeat

don't tell me about the usher

shining a light in your eyes

at the drive-in in ray brook

give me a sincere sigh

that you could never

explain the origins

better yet let me

earn that breathy


that slips past your tonsils

that is all about

the conquest of excitement

in barnyard of trepidation

that sweet happiness slipping

from physical shading

in a charcoal drawing

of our intersection

      before, when there was no future

the last poem was before

but let me add and end

with a musical number

from a concert in the park

with a happy meal innuendo

a romance refreshment

for a culinary soul

that is more tactile

and wrapped up

in your intrigue

where i could think

regardless of what happens

in the next three million minutes

standing next to you

at that moment and

for the time being

is all words

sly and charming

and they are sincere

because i have nothing to lose

you will go with your new boyfriend

but i will never have to give up

that surge of lustful adrenaline

when our shoulders bumped

and you were the most

beautiful girl in the adirondacks

not just because it was true, but

because i never had you to challenge it

i just had me, who could know everything

o that was a time....that was a treat

and too bad if i didn't know it then

i know it now and i hold it

like a collection of your kisses

pressed between wax paper in a folder

with a grateful dead sticker on the cover

i am so happy

because knowing you

allows me to accept

not knowing you

can never happen

i can't sit on the edge of this

i have to bounce out of my seat

i have to imagine what crawling

under the blankets to your thighs

must be like

it no longer matters the potential

i can accept not knowing some things

i can accept knowing

all i have is my imagination and

a color-coded map to your dance floor

i can know that this was the last poem

after the last poem i wrote 20 minutes ago

and i will never need to write another

which means one will find a way to me

that has your slightly crooked nose traced upon it

with your wisp of eyebrows arching over it

maybe it will be disguised as romance for another

but another will never know

just as no one knows where their romance

begins and ends

like mine may have begun as you

killed time with your nephew

while waiting for your romance

to leave his custody obligations

for all i know, i was on my way to

some mailing list myself

but your romance was swaying

through the dusk of a summer's eve

like a frog on a stick

and i owned that romance

or i believe i own it

and without question

i can continue to own it

i can write 200 more poems or none

that moment can't be captured with more poems

it doesn't matter

a full moon and ice cream and donnelly's

doesn't matter

three more periods and a comma don't matter

how well 14-year-olds can kiss doesn't matter

printing out words and mailing them to you

to a bevy of wondering romance

will not change what can't be changed

in a moment where all the trees in the woods

were falling and listening to the thud each made

like the plotting affection my thumper made

and now i am hurdling away from that moment

jumping over the souvenir of your slipped thoughts

that are like heartbeats in the woods that are the trees

i imagine toppling over with the cracking and snapping

of conspiring romance

but maybe two remain

they sway for a few moments

music plays

maybe they will have sex

maybe there will be a torrid little night

that is beyond their comprehension

maybe they will sample nuances

from a sexual menu

maybe they don't

but in that twinkle twilight

that moment of sway

is forever

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