rest assure

Life goes on


Rest assure,

You soon will be a blur,

I can no longer

Take the battles of you mind,

I’ll be fine

 Time is always here

Like you said you would be,

But like times before, you ran

 Out the door,

My heart will mend,

 From your cuts and daggers,

One by one

Ill mend the up a few to go

 Then I'm good as new.

They heel like scraps to the knee

 But my heart is harder to mend,

Rest assure

My world will be

Empty but not for long

 Just remember

I said it takes time to get what you want,

 Now you got it.

So it seems

Till all you hear are there

 Taunting screams

You’ll run my way

Like before,

Rest assure

I'm done with this

 You will be missed. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

getting over my ex

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