The Lost Soul

Withered Roses

She's all alone in the world where love sleeps all day, 
In hallowed street of serpents,
Passing by and spitting on her face, 
She cries all night drowning the street with her sadness, 
Her tears moved discreetly and gruesomely, 
Her voice silhouetted against their breath,
But their ignorance escalated,

She's just a little girl,
At night she sleeps with the last voice of her father, 
Awaken by the memories of her loving mother, 
Her kisses she kept in her heart, 
All crimes she survived, 
Even our sins she carried off her back, 
Her breath then rested, 
And off she was to heaven to meet her parents, 
And she was then noticed, 
All she ever wanted was to be loved.
For our pride is stronger than our compassion, 
All our blessings disappears.

©31 August 2017 - South Africa

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