Who Am I?

Savage eyes feeds with kindness,

Swayed by virtue of a loving heart,

A wealthy soul feeds with emptiness,

To him concerns are bitter,

For he blurt in a rictus of his wicked smile,

And darkness crawls to one side of his bed with horror,

Such agony tempering with his sensitivity,

And own blood scattered to thousands of his enemies,

Here by rising its featutes,

Taming all slumbered memories,

Thou days struggled to meet with each other,

And ought to be faithful to his mischivalry,

And hope he lost to that dying heart,

Yet his concious was yet potent,

I look and my breath prevented with lucid expressions,

He weep to mountains of his sins wistfully,

And his cup overflowed with forgiveness,

There i listen to the cries of his beloved ones,

Thou deterred by his drowsy eyes,

Yet my lips oscillated and my voice failed to meet my breath,

And have i failed to conclude to my recognitions.

©04 August 2017-South Africa

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