Lonely In A Dark Room


I collide with my dreams in a dark gloomy night,
All its premises getting wider and darker,
Wearing my sleep and falling to my nuisance,
Wearied my eyes along with my greatest fear,
My brain freezed and fails to interpret its sensations,
I rolled to one side to another,
Yet confusions spoked with its creepy voice,
I listened to the knockings on my windows,
Holding my heart as i call for protection to my Master,
I prayed yet my eyes failed to participate,
They crawled to one corner to the next,
Forming images before my presence,
I cried,
Yet my tears were clouded by fear,
There i was frozen from head to toe,
Lying helplessely on my bed,
My waterfall crawled like a piece of dirt wandering the street,
My senses broked yet the mess is already have been done,
Was i been saved from the hunger of the unraveling thirst of nightmares?
©19 July 2017 - South Africa

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