The Dragon

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A prince rode forth
from his castle
on a noble quest
equipped with sword
a trusty horse
and his Sunday best

Rumor he had heard
of princess fair
a damsel in distress
held captive 
by a winged fiend
in a lonely fortress

The road was long
the path unkind
yet on he pressed
the brave prince
intent to pass
this hardy test

After many feats
over glen and dale
at last he stood
across the castle
filled with dread
and fortitude

His challenge was
quite steeped
in pomp and flair
yet it did the trick
and drew the creature
from its lair

The dragon hovered
above our hero
and politely inquired
if he were lost
and what directions
the prince required?

“Release the princess!”
“or prepare to die!”
the prince demanded
what awe!
what virility
the prince commanded!

The dragon pled
its ignorance
of her whereabouts
and invited the prince
to search the castle
and settle his doubts

Though he searched
high and low
through the dragon’s lair
of the princess
the prince could find
neither hide not hair

Ah! but the clever prince
he did guess
the creature’s trap
the civil tone was
just presage
for its jaws to snap

Undoubtedly it was
in the beast’s maw
the tragic end
of the maiden fair
whose likely death
should be avenged

Of the wily worm
such treachery
is to be expected
it goes to show
that the race of worms
just can’t be trusted

Wishing to make
in the morn
an early start
without further ado
he stabbed the dragon
through the heart

As it fell dying
the dragon spoke
its final words
“You have erred sir!”
“for the truth stands”
“in obverse”

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