Roaming through Rome, I had my phrase book to try speaking Italian but I kept using Spanish and French words.  Fortunately the Italians understand you as long as you get the proper emphasis with the hands and feet.  


Then I got to Tunisia among French speakers and suddenly I'm saying Grazie and si.  The Arabic speakers were perplexed but the hotel manager spoke fluent English.  


The Maltese have their own language but English is totally prevalent.  I'm still occasionally bon jouring and buongiornoing, though.  The Maltese had all their signs in several languages.  With the roots in Arabic, speaking Malti might get me banned from my own country.  


I'll be in Barcelona but they don't speak Spanish.  They speak Catalan. Maybe I'll throw in some German words for good measure.  God knows what words I'll be using there.  They say Catalan is a mix of French, Spanish and Italian so maybe my mumbo jumbo will work.


I can't even imagine where my head will be by the time I get to Lisbon.  I'll be forming sentences using words from five or six languages and hoping to get my point across. . .


Author's Notes/Comments: 

a few notes from a Mediterranean trip in 2010.

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