Everyday life can be intriguing.  There’s always little treats hiding beneath the rocks of the mundane.  Roll along on I-95 and look at a billboard sign displaying a young lady in a pink bikini and me drooling just a little bit as I think of—well I won’t say what.  I think it but I won’t say it and make it so obvious because obvious is so boring and well, it’s so predictable.  If it’s not known it might not ever get to be routine; too dull to bear—and besides you should know it all anyway even before I say it.  I mean, I don’t have to say it.  I try to keep it to myself.  It’s really none of your business and I’m in no hurry to let you know even though you already may and should know.  I mean, it is obvious even though I try not to be so obvious because obvious is so boring.  I am really not able to deal with it.  I don’t want to know if you know or don’t know even though it is so obvious and I don’t wanna know because it would be interfering in your business and I don’t want it to be my business.  I have my own business to attend to and that is the business that I want and really ought to be attending to and not any of the other stuff going on in the world.

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