hearing a match

being struck in another room 

and I don’t know what to think


filling in on all 

that petty Zen stuff

you once got into back

when you was young


and now you no longer ponder

the deeper meanings of life

you just accept the sunset

for what it is


and as curtains are drawn

and all the stars

take their final bow

before the crowd


now it’s just a matter of survival;

a means of staying alive

to try to poeticize another day


you wanna be

kind to strangers

cause you know one day’

you could be the stranger


and the Zen shit

is starting to get deeper

and you seek the Buddha

lurking deep within

you know the rules

and you’re down to basics

but I can’t help myself

let alone anyone else


and all my money

goes thru the exhaust

and my patience is beginning

to wear as thin as my hair


the candle is lit

and the lights turned off

and fluent music flows in air


I’ve earned another check

to get by another week

and there really is 

no grand picture to see.


It’s all old hat when you try

to save the world

and save the whales, seals

& miscellaneous other creatures


I suppose some

of this shit can be relevant

in the grand scheme of things


and I’ll keep my senses alert

cause I know it will be

really intense when it hits.




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