4 Philly cops standing

in a circle

12 feet away from pot smokers

at a Toby Keith concert


“Pot is no big deal.”


Aging rockers openly

toking over the line

at the Aerosmith concert

oblivious to local authorities.


“It’s only pot.”

200 arrested

for smoking pot

at a Drake concert.


“Well, the law is the law!”


So where is it written

pot is okay for Toby Keith

& Aerosmith but not Drake.


I used to think

law was consistent.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem was included in Black Lives Have Always Mattered, a poetry anthology published by Moonstone Arts Center in Philadelphia.  The release party for the anthology was 4-7-19 and some of the poets (myself included) showed up to read our poem live.

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