Streaming inspiration

in spurts and subtle flows

just visiting; dropping by

and making the whole thing

all seem worthwhile.


Inspiration in a word & feeling

lend gentle caresses

to the cool evening


Inspired we continue

to jostle our memories

and dreams lending

hope & faith for free

and trying to light up

the evening clouds

with a glowing gemlike flame

created out of love.


Author's Notes/Comments: 


March 7, 1990  (originally written on the inner pages of Ferlinghetti’s Endless Life: Selected Poems underneath the title which I opted to use as title for my own poem.)


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Ah, another Ferlinghetti fan.

I love "Coney Island of the Mind."  ---  Stephen

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He turns 100 in March and

He turns 100 in March and still kicking.  Thanks for reading and commenting.