Tunisia was pretty modern

but perhaps, not modern enough.

I stayed in a hotel

a couple blocks 

from La Place de L’Independence.


There was a bidet

in the hotel room

so they’re not completely naïve

and showing the French influence.


There was a bar serving alcools.

The locals, ashamed of imbibing

drank inside the dark dimly lit bar.


Me, I sat my non-Muslim cracker ass

at a table on the sidewalk

openly enjoying the beer.


There was the St. Vincent de Paul Cathedral

with a three sided billboard

out on the sidewalk


The three sides featured

English, French & Arabic

proclamations on the greatness

and accomplishments of Ben Ali.


I remember standing there

reading about all the advances

and achievements & thinking:

“This is a self aggrandizing bastard.”


A couple months later

the Tunisian people overthrew Ali

after a 23 year reign

so apparently

they agreed with my assessment.


It was pretty weird watching the news

as the people toppled 

the three sided hoarding

with Ben Ali’s visage and self glory.


I remember standing there

on La Place de l’Independence 

reading that very sign

and now destroyed by a mob.

My only thought was “Damn!”

and then I moved on to other matters.






Author's Notes/Comments: 

Reflections on watching the news and saying, "hey I was just there

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