At the navy yard

Drinking one beer or other

getting there quickly


Imperial brown 

at shitkicker abv

sends me on my way.


The cute young lady

pouring the hopping frog beer

wearing Oteil shirt.


Not entirely sure 

what beer I have in my glass

but it is quite good.


Stumbling along drunk

I'm a better circus act

than paid acts on board.


I pick up cheap schwag

as I move along the line

It"s of no value.


Since I nailed Stacy

it seems only fair I nail

Stacy's mom as well


Twin Lakes & Great Barn

sitting side by side pouring

their beers for drunk fools


Those 2 oz samples

can really add up if you

have a lot of time.


Green bracelet on wrist

identifies V.I.P.

to drink special beers.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Series of haiku written at a beer festival dubbed Beer under the big tent.  The individual haiku were posted on facebook in real time as they were written.

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