It was written about

in Lonely Planet:


The bus ride from San Carlos

to Managua. 
This as an overnight

bus ride

that took 10 hours by schedule.


It was described

as the worst road

in Nicaragua.


The bus was an old school bus

and overcrowded.

It moved slow as molasses.

There were people standing 

and luggage tied on the roof.


The night was dark

and you couldn’t see a thing

but that may welL

have been for the best.


It was a rocky and bumpy ride.

There were times the bus 

seemed to bottom out.


As we were riding, 

we were getting shaken & stirred good.

I heard a hissing sound

and I thought,

“Please don’t let that

be what I think it is.”


It was.

One of the tires blew out.
We needed to change the tire.


This entailed unloading half the bus

and getting out a jack 

in the middle of the night.


Later, we would get stuck

in the mud.

This also required 

an unloading of passengers.

Half of us had to push

to get the bus out of the mud.


After that we reloaded

and got back on our way.

It was still dark

and the rocky ride resumed.


We came closer 

to civilization

as the sun came up.


It was a warm morning

and we finally did

get to Managua

in a mere 13 hours—

all things considered

we were only 3 hours late.




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Yeah, this was back in 2008. 

Yeah, this was back in 2008.  Of course, I entered Nicaragua at San Carlos on a river crossing from Costa Rica.  This entailed a single engine boat on a nearly 90 minute ride being seranaded by crocodiles and howler monkeys.  Good times.