I'll Be By Your Side

I know it's been 3 years since we broke up. 

Went our seperate ways. Your drug habit was the issue. 

Without drugs,  I believe with my heart,  we would of lasted...

We would of lasted a lifetime! Forever!


I do believe you're my soulmate. 

That we were made for each other...

One day, you would of gotten clean and sober. 

We would of found each other again. 

We would of mended our love. Only stronger.

Stronger than our love ever was. 


I know we were only together for almost, 

a couple months short, a year!

But that short time felt longer...Like a lifetime!

Plus I felt myself become one with you. 

So I know and believe we were made for each other! 


Sadly, you'll never get to become clean and sober. 

We won't get to find each other again. 

To feel the love we had with each other again. 

To make passionate love. 

Those chances are gone, cuz you've passed on. 


But one day,  hopefully soon,  I'll be by your side!

I'll be by your side in Heaven! Cuz I belong with you!

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