Suddenly, Fall

Swinging daylight away into a gasping breath, 

The shadows return sooner than before,

Leaves turn so quickly that it's suddenly, fall

The warmth is leaving again too soon,


Tiptoe, holding onto the bright light, 

Suddenly we're at the ledge again, 

Looking we know that suddenly, fall

is where we're at again. 


The rain is cold, misting air, 

Hibernation or death, the choices of life,

Winter is soon approaching--find warmth

in fire, wild, blazing, far reaching;


Take care to kindle the flames or 

Let yourself be suddenly, falling

to the crisp air and slow movements

that is brought away from you. 


Plead the cycle to halt, stop, 

faltering not again to go,

Shaking, desperate to warm, 

Cold again, dark again, suddenly




Author's Notes/Comments: 

Keep eachother warm... 

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