(I know what lies behind that mask)

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I'm good enough to fight over,

to break hearts for...


I'm good enough to cause chaos,

to instigate outrageous obsession...

I know how it is when all you want to do is touch my face

But instead your hands turn to fists

to release the pressure

to release the tension

building like water upon a broken dam.


My tears climb down my face like melted sand...

they cool and turn into glass as they


from my cheeks.

Tiny shards that slice the tops of my feet,

spurting forth every single word I would like to

but cannot say.


Do not touch me.
Your hands are like knives bleeding me dry.
I’ve tried to make you leave.
I wash my body and scrape the skin off my soul

but you’re still there
in my pores.

I know I’ve never been an angel
and you are not my fearless white knight
... The person I thought you were
I’m tired of swallowing swords

in my tea every morning

like a fucking circus act.

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