The Trees Are Whispering

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The trees are whispering

Can you not hear them?

They say,

“What is this stranger in our midst?

This awkward creature

Who stands upright?

It frightens the deer

‘Killer’ they cry

Its kind is not welcome here

Where all is in harmony!”

“What is this odd species?

I hear where they venture

Death follows like a shadow…”

“But wait – this one treads softly!

She does not carve her

Painful symbols

Into our flesh.”

“What’s this – She is so gentle!

So unlike her kin – “

“Oh! She has broken a branch

Off the grumpy old pine…

Such sadness in her eyes!”

“Did she just apologize?!”

“He forgave her.

‘I am fine. I needed a trim’

He creaked in the wind.”

“How is this…

This… Creature…

This… Human…

Sitting in such silence?

Like a young sapling


Does she hear our words?”

The whispering stops

And I smile.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Yeah. Shitty. 2007

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