How To Know If You're In Love

Tales of the Heart

The sound of my heart

like the beat of the drums,

so loud and deafening

when you cloud my mind.

Need no stethescope,

nor hand to check,

I have all I need to know that I'm alive.

When my chest erupts and softens,

closes in and then sighs in relief.

When it feels like a thousand hummingbirds

have replaced my heart, I know I'm alive.


Somehow with all my soul, I'm left tense

and clouded, away from my sense.

The heart stings, holding my breath,

press my lips back and let pain descend,

then too I know, that I'm alive.


Kept awake by fifty fifty, 

no words can change my life.

Had our days spent been face to face

there be less worries and sad days to face.

To fifty fifty, all of the same coin,

and so to fifty fifty

I must make a choice.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This week spent mostly thinking, this is what it was more or less about.