Body and Soul

Tales of the Heart

Hell, give me faith. 

If not, then give me stones to clean my face.

How iron-bound we are to ourselves.

Chained like animals in small cells.

To find a song, to find a reason.

To change our hearts and give us a warm season.

No slave is forked tongued,

cause we know all to well

what it's like to get gunned.

These chains keep me sane, 

yet they keep me away 

from words I need to say.

The things I'd like to do,

to give you smiles for all the times I've thought of you.

A happiness I find missing

and it only leaves me wishing

I could do more.

I want to bless thee with a shoulder,

and hands to dry your tears.

But all I want, could never be,

because I know you don't want me. 

For now I'm left in chains,

at the very least,

I'll keep some demons away.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Another poem with a new folder woot! Dont take these to seriously, just enjoy them.