Hide and Seek

One More Time

Walking along the pavedway,

singing very joyful tunes.

We will not be lead astray,

as long as we can see,

through the leaves

our home. A palace to the mind

were our command is law,

so that the demons be left outside

while we heal and arm ourselves

for another day in the endless hell.

But some have been breached,

the demons roam their halls,

and the closest place to a haven 

is a room guarded by a wooden wall.

Times are bleak, and life is hard,

as they hold out against all odds.

But remember the tune, the one that all sing.

It is not one of peace but one of doom,

To all the demons laying in wait.

Because they feed on the past, and haunt your present.

So look forward, because this is not forever

only if you think it is, shall it be.

Sing the tune, and think of something new;

This is my space, this is my home

all you do is spread fear, everytime that your here.

But I will not buckle and I will not fall

instead ready or not, cause here I come.