We Don't Walk Free

We don't walk free

Because in this world there are only children

The aging of our bodies does not constitute

The adaptivity of our minds

Our hearts will always be 'Cowboys and Indians'

Rupturing before becoming the temples they were designed to be

And I digress

It is but ourselves that we must blame for this intolerance

For we have created our own worst nightmares

And stereotyped them on the outsides of our skin

We call them Prejudice



When our entire lives dress in skin tight

Americanized reality TV show facades

Disguising gun shots and track marks

As history

Our minds cannot be saved

Our stories unfathomed

Our bodies unrecognizable

Sun baked in digital stereo sound

It's human to crave nothing more than to fight it

It's in our nature to hurt and make bleed

To cover up the fact that we all feel so small

Guilt resides within us but we refuse to face it

Instead we rationalize it

Take it out on the people who don't deserve it

And call it freedom

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