These Words are Not for You

There is a terrible thing inside me

Embedding itself into my skin


And almost whimsical

Aching in chrome

Which has helped me

Facetiously escape

From the words that cannot form

Shaking in my bones

And the valleys

Cratered in my flesh

There are monsters inside of me

Dead pools of

Trembling red life

Speckling the pale tones

Of the barriers I have built

That hide the thoughts and feelings

That anxiously slip out to touch you

To prove to you

That you're the only one

Crawling inside of me

Rolling through the veins

That I have exposed

If only I could wash away

The pain that touched the surface

Of my skin

So that maybe I could make you happy

I never knew this pain


Until you learned to love me

And I have never feared

The night

Until it became me.

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