I faced an angel once
Whose ebony broken voice
Reflected off my trembling breath
He's worth more than a thousand words
That manage to slide off my tongue

The temptation I face
My sword against your immortality

On the edge of the world
I have but two options;
Your toxic courses through me
Your teeth lodged deep within me
Your agony never releases me

Please tell me if you can
How I could love a beast that threatens to devour me?

There's still that sweetness that tears me apart,
Every breath of you still remaining,

Oh sweet unmerciful pain
Only one option remains
I can only hope
My shield doesn't break

My blade against the demon
This power I was blessed
Attempt to cut the chains
That bind him to my chest

And in that moment I felt I was eternal
It was your painful memories that cut into me
Your passion that embodied me
Your laugh that captivated me
Your voice that shook me
And your resilience that broke me

And I hang lucid between your teeth
Having lost before I'd even begun
How foolish I was to face God
With the body of a mortal

This body is the world;
Nobody's eyes have ever gazed upon it.
Not like yours.

Oh sweet monstrous angel
Release me from your immortality
I don't want to be strong anymore
I don't want to be your prisoner anymore.

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