Is it Okay to Love You?


Trembling fingers,
    Glazed over eyes,
    Pills in my tummy = bruises on my thighs,
    Withering glances,
    Too sick to care,
    Is it okay to love you?
I'll never, ever dare.

Jealousy's illness,
    Stings in my chest,
    Heart palpitations,
    Never ever rest,
Sickly fascination,
    Little broken bones,
        Trapped in my body,
            Frost-bitten toes.

Dry chapped tongue,
    "Not even a little bit?"
    You're gonna get better,
    Recovery's bullshit,
River's down my arms,
    Bullets in my brain,
        Blood, blood, blood,
    Your neck you still crane.

Broken, fragile, delicate,
    Hoodies and blue jeans,
    Impossible fantasy,
    Weight-loss dreams,
    Constant restrictions,
    Words dripping sore,
    Shove them up your ass,
    I don't want them anymore.

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