Tip toe little fingers across my chest,
With little solemn lullubies creeping upon my breast,
With a sickly touch upon my brow,
Weeping down my eyes to touch my crown,
Now evermore sleeps my heart inside,
With an exhaled breath to confide,
My eyes glaze with lust, with death,
With each hitched breath,
A hard gaze behind locks of fluttered hair,
To which will deliver my ware,
Legs intertwined, and a noise that creeps,
Silently drifting as my mind sleeps,
As abstract upon me, your lust growls,
While the wolf inside my body howls,
As my eyes grow white like a blind man's call,
And my back arches to give you my all,
And my heart skips a beat then swoons a new rythem,
A silent lulluby; a panicking schism,
No lips touch, and darkness falls, your chest against mine,
And our heartbeats reach out and combine,
I'll comb through your hair with moonlight in my eyes,
And remember not a thing about failure and lies,
Because in this moment, we are eternal,
And a flame will rise pressure internal,
For you are mine, and I shall forever claim you at the least,
Because you are my beauty, and I am the beast.

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