Ana Boot Camp


The stomach craves what my hands dare not touch,
Over eighty calories is way too much,
My hands will tremble, my body will shake,
To look at the scale, I just can't take.

Diet after diet, the numbers don't lie,
The pain of starvation, my body wants to die,
But do I let food pass by these lips?
Dare I let my cravings make my mind slip?

Size zero, size one, size four and five,
Get any bigger, I can't stay alive,
At least if I starve, I'll keep this in mind,
If I die, I'll still look pretty on the outside.

Measure what I eat, I can't stand the pain,
Counting calories and fat, I'm going insane,
With the sharp razor blade, in my body I carve,
'You fat ugly pig, just let me starve.'

Hold tight onto slumber, let hunger pangs pass,
Laxatives and diet pills and anti-gas,
Bulimia, sickness, and suicide notes,
And the words 'I'm hungry' getting stuck in my throat.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Shit happens.

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