We Aged Like Swans


When I was young, all the fish in the sea had died,

The trees were withered, the sky had bled,

And I fell to pieces into a scarlet ocean,

Where you were right beside me, almost haunting,

While the shadows stalked life in the presence of death.

When we were old, we aged like swans,

Once so perishable, so broken and used,

Yet somehow brought life into our wooden corpses,

As we dance on strings, a marionette of a child's desire,

Looking into each others eyes once more. "Take me."

We keep record of every moment spent and worthy,

We hold in our hands the hearts of all the people,

As we writhe beneath the weight of existence,

Knowing that there are so many people stronger than us,

Yet we hold the heaviest past, packed full of memories.

...In my chest of drawers.

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