I'm not alone, smoke consumes my lungs,

The heavy breathing of your presence beside me,

Makes me feel a plethora of conversion,

Idolizing this spiritual element,

Of the heart-crushing emotion called love,

Battling blood in a race to open our wings.

I'll whistle alienated in the lament of the dawn,

While my eyes turn to the shadow,

I cannot see you anymore, my lullaby,

The lashes on my back were my own doing,

I'll tear up my skin, I'll dig out my heart,

Until you no longer exist inside of me.

So let it all go, love,

Don't let your fears guide you,

You must release me and let me fall to pieces,

Like broken butterflies wings,

Tinted red on a counterfeit existence,

Ripping the beating heart right out of me.

Locking up, smearing lipstick down these jeans,

Synthesizing mascara with salty black tears,

The anecdote of life is the prospect of love,

Captivating this moment in an eternity of silence,

But as long as love's got it's wings wrapped around us,

I'd rather not speak a word of false faith.

For fear that the world will turn it's back on us...

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