Starshine, have you not yet realized?
Everybody you'll ever know is someday going to die?
Everyone will go away, and leave you here for the world to absorb,
While you're whispering through fatal wounds,
The clock's ticking, and you're screaming's soundless,
Choking on words that are shoved down your throat.

Starshine, have you not yet seen?
The pain between his harmful gaze, and humiliating eyes,
Awakening within the tears of sickness,
You were offered a hand and lead the right way,
But you ushered yourself down the path of Armageddon,
And agony controlled you,
Though they screamed for you to turn back,
You whispered "I'm not afraid."

Starshine, can you not breathe?
The surface is right above you, but you keep looking down,
He's smiling right at you, but he's not smiling for you,
Though this whole time the light was blinding you,
You could not see the way, but baby, did you know?
The further away you are, the less real you seem.

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