The Face of Sorrow


I won’t be the one you come to,

When all of your dreams shatter,

Time has swept away, and still,

I cannot cry,

I’ve tried so hard to move on,

Though every time I see your face,

Or hear your wonderful voice,

I smile and know that I am not perfect,

And I know that you may never love me.

I laugh in the face of sorrow,

Because I know that these words won’t bring me down,

I know that time will slowly pass me by,

Without you, I am still the same,

And even though the wind blows,

And my shadow’s cast upon the floor,

I can curl up and cry, I can scream your name,

But I’m still breathing.

I can bleed, bleed, bleed,

But still I’ll never hold your hand,

I know now that it is not I who is the victim,

But it is you, because I have loved you so much,

I’m sorry for everything,

Sorry for never letting you know that I loved you,

But now I’m throwing everything away,

In the face of sorrow.

Tomorrow may bring happiness,

Sometime, in the distant future,

You will be the one that’s crying,

Because the one you love got away from you,

But for now I shall be the one buried alive,

Yet still I laugh, and I smile,

Because I know that you’re beautiful,

And I know that everything is beautiful.

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