The Perfect Edge


I'm on the perfect edge again, getting ready to fall into a distant oblivion,

With hands upon my back I take my final step that feels like an eternity...

Like the feeling of being held beneath the water on a hot summer day,

I smile at this last moment of life as my vision begins to fade,

The scent, aura, and touch that was once you now clouding my memory,

I'm holding on to what I have, clutching my last ounce of strength,

There's nothing I can to about it now, except count down the moments,

My eyelids are dropping now, my breath is decreasing,

I reach out to you without a sound, grasping hold of your shoulders,

Telling you to take me away from here now, I want to be with you forever,

In your arms I find where I belong, away from it all,

My only life, my only death - you are my mind's desire,

But the bullet cannot be removed from me now,

Now that I'm safe in your arms - you hold me tight and never let me go,

I'm on the edge of perfection, the only thing that matters...

                                                                                        You and I...

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